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Solar Cell series

Solar Cell Series--PECVD

Solar Cell Series--PECVD


PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Vapor Deposition )
Product  Introduction
◆Full automatic controlon process time, temperature, air flow, valve action, reaction chamber pressure by industrial PC;
◆Imported close-loop pressure control system with high reliability;
◆Imported erosion-proof stainless steel fittings and valves ensuring bubble tight-ness of pneumatic system;
◆Perfect alarm and safe interlock devices;
◆Alarm for over-/less-temperature, MFC, reaction chamber pressure, RF, CDA pressure,N2 pressure and Water flow etc.
◆With SiO2  Film Growth function, which can solve solar module PID problem, at the same time, can used for SiNxOy film growth. Finally makes the cell’s efficiency increased greatly.

◆Wafer loading qty: 320 pieces/tube (125*125), 252 pieces/tube (156*156)
◆Purification workstation: Class-100(In Class-10000 FAB);
◆Automation degree: Automatic temperature and process control.
◆Wafer load method: Soft-landing, with characteristics: credibility, steady, non-crawling, high anchor precision, long longevity and high carrying capacity.

Key Technical Parameters
Wafer loading qty 384pcs/tube (125*125), 336pieces/tube (156*156)
Technical parameters in Wafer, inter-Wafer and inter-batch≤±3%
Working temp. 200~500℃
Precision or flat zone (close tube test)1200mm±1℃
Precision of gas flow ±1%FS
Gas pipe leaking rate 1×10-7Pa.m³/S
Control system Full imported automatic closed-loop system; 40 KHz RF power supply, soft landing and all digit control.
Quantity of process tube: 1~4 tubes/set Automatic loader

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