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The company adheres to the principle of "taking morality as the first and making the best use of talents" and the management concept; "identifying with the company, identifying with oneself and making progress in harmony" as the common code of conduct of employees, forms the organizational ethics with "equality, justice, innovation and democracy" as its basic connotation, and "dedication, communication and self-discipline" as its basic connotation, so as to enhance the staff's sense of responsibility and communication ability. Strength and collaboration skills, promote team spirit, in order to achieve the goal of human resources management of "developing enterprise developer".

With the core of "bringing progress to people in the industry" and "creating and sharing achievements hand in hand", we will build cooperative enterprises, scientific and technological enterprises and innovative enterprises. Strengthen organizational construction, improve organizational efficiency, activate the organization and activate employees. To produce first-class products, provide first-class services, build first-class brand, train first-class talents, build first-class enterprises and make first-class contributions.

"People-oriented, sincerity-oriented" corporate ethics and "science and technology leading" scientific research spirit, seek industry progress, create value for society, contribute to the nation, and strive for the development and happiness of employees, provide customers with high-quality technical services and high-tech products, and promote customer development.

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