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Talent policy

Talents are not only the source of power for the development of enterprises, but also the most precious resources of enterprises. The company advocates the "people-oriented" talent strategy, and with the purpose of "seeking, loving, cherishing and retaining talents", it has formed a set of talent management system with more enterprise characteristics and keeping pace with the times. As a strong human resources guarantee for the development of enterprises, it has been proved and embodied in the development practice. Be good at finding and attracting excellent talents, select talents through flexible and diverse forms of employment, relying on rigorous and scientific selection and evaluation process;
Through all kinds of internal evaluation and investigation, we actively tap potential talents, as the reserve strength and key training object of the company, to make a full talent reserve for the company's next development strategy;
In terms of the appointment and allocation of talents, the principle of maximizing the utility of human capital should be realized by optimizing the existing allocation of manpower, controlling the cost of manpower and adapting measures to individual conditions and matching between personnel and posts.
In personnel training, we should pay attention to the quality and ability of employees, fully develop their potential and advantages, make them have modern management consciousness, advocate team spirit, and develop them into the most suitable talents for enterprises.
We use a sound welfare guarantee and a sound training system to retain talents, and do our best to alleviate the worries of employees in housing, insurance, health, clothing, housing and transportation, so as to enhance the sense of belonging and centripetal force of employees to the enterprise. We use training as a means to motivate employees, and use a planned training system to continuously motivate employees to improve their own quality. At the same time, employees also create greater value for the development of enterprises and achieve win-win situation between enterprises and employees.

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