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PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Vapor Deposition )

PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Vapor Deposition )


Product  Introduction
Full automatic controlon process time, temperature, air flow, valve action, reaction chamber pressure by industrial PC;
◆Imported close-loop pressure control system with high reliability;
◆Imported erosion-proof stainless steel fittings and valves ensuring bubble tight-ness of pneumatic system;
◆Perfect alarm and safe interlock devices;
◆Alarm for over-/less-temperature, MFC, reaction chamber pressure, RF, CDA pressure,N2 pressure and Water flow etc.
◆With SiO2  Film Growth function, which can solve solar module PID problem, at the same time, can used for SiNxOy film growth. Finally makes the cell’s efficiency increased greatly.

Wafer loading qty: 320 pieces/tube (125*125), 252 pieces/tube (156*156)
◆Purification workstation: Class-100(In Class-10000 FAB);
◆Automation degree: Automatic temperature and process control.
◆Wafer load method: Soft-landing, with characteristics: credibility, steady, non-crawling, high anchor precision, long longevity and high carrying capacity.

Key Technical Parameters
Wafer loading qty 384pcs/tube (125*125), 336pieces/tube (156*156)
Technical parameters in Wafer, inter-Wafer and inter-batch≤±3%
Working temp. 200~500℃
Precision or flat zone (close tube test)1200mm±1℃
Precision of gas flow ±1%FS
Gas pipe leaking rate 1×10-7Pa.m³/S
Control system Full imported automatic closed-loop system; 40 KHz RF power supply, soft landing and all digit control.
Quantity of process tube: 1~4 tubes/set Automatic loader

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