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Diffusion Furnace


Closed Tube & Soft Landing Diffusion Furnace
Product  Introduction:
Close-tube phosphorus diffusion、Boron diffusion, with exhaust gas, expelled from pipe collector and cooler. And various process
gases inject into tube separately and spraying. The chose-tube diffusion process is completely free from outside interference with full protection on process quality;
◆Automatic temperature and process control, and all elements are imported.
◆Wafer loading with characteristics: all digital control, more reliable, credibility, steady, non-crawling, along phenomenon, high anchor
precision, long longevity, big capacity and three-dimensional automatic adjustment function.
◆Can be used for Annealing Process after Implant.

Key Technical Parameters
Working temperature 600-1100℃
Length of constant temp. Zone 1400mm
Precision of temp. zone(test with static closed tube) 800℃<working temp.<1100℃:±0.5℃
600℃≤working temp.≤800℃:±1℃
Single point temperature stability (tested with static closed tube) 800℃<working temp.<1100℃:±0.5℃/24h
600℃≤working temp.≤800℃:±1℃/24h;
Temperature ramping Max controllable speed of temperature increase(600-1150℃):15℃/min
Max controllable speed to temp. decrease(1150-600℃):8℃/min
Air flow setting precision ±1%FS
Bubble-tightness of gases system 1×10-7Pa.m³/S
Travel length of automatic loader ~2000mm,Velocity: 5~1000mm/min SiC paddle load capacity, 20kg;
Wafer loading qty 540 pieces/tube; 1050 pieces/tube;
Purification workstation Class 100(In class 10000 Fab);
3-phase-5-wire system 380V±10%,50Hz±10%Hz
Cooling Water 2~4Kgf/cm²,~8L/min
Configurable part Quantity of process tube: 1~5 tubes/set. Automatic loader.

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